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For bookings, please email us on info@tiaraorganic.com and we will book you in with your time and date.


is a hair and beauty salon that delivers high-end exclusive treatments. 

Our treatments are divided into four main sections – BEAUTY, HAIR, HAIR SPA, and BRIDAL HAIR & MAKE UP


Introduction To Tiara Organics

Tiara Organic is a hair and beauty salon located in the Upmarket Artery of 

King's Road, Chelsea, in West London.

We understand that every client has their own specific needs and requirements, which 

is why we encourage you to visit us at Tiara Organic so we can help you achieve 

the results you desire.

After receiving a Top Rated 2018, 5/5 stars certificate, The Tiara Organic team continue 

to deliver a pleasant, personable experience for each client leaving them both 

satisfied and feeling their very best.

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Contact us to book an exclusive treatment at our hair and beauty salon in London.