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About Tiara Organic

The co-founders of Tiara Organic, Jigna Soni and Dimps Sanghani, are sisters that were originally from the state capital of Telangana, Hyderabad, in India. More than a decade ago, they both decided to take the rollercoaster journey to reach their current destination – London, United Kingdom. It is here where they both really started living their passion for hair and beauty, and over this time they have both become well-established artists in their own disciplines who are well-renowned and well-respected.

Dimps took the decision to follow her dream into Bollywood, while Jigna took her steps into the Western world and Hollywood. They both have never looked back – until now. They want to bring their successes together and make a greater impact for all, and to do this, they have established Tiara Organic

Jigna SonI

Jigna Soni is a master of eyebrow shaping that consistently produces “landscapes that suit the contours!” Under her expertise, you know you are going to receive not just eyebrows, but the right arches, by bringing together the precision of a perceptive eyebrow stylist, a multi-skilled individual, an extroverted trend leader, and so much more. As one of very few HD Brow masters in London, and also a microblading brows specialist, she is really taking the art form to new heights, so it’s no surprise success has followed her.

Gaining many accolades over the years, Jigna was interviewed by Teen Vogue as Emma Watson’s trusted brow guru, as Emma was seen in 2015 to have the most desirable eyebrows. Emma has previously said “Jigna has been taking care of my eyebrows for years now. She has created a beautiful natural shape for me. I trust her absolutely. Her massage after threading always makes it worth the pain!” Growing as an accomplished facialist, and with a mind for business, Jigna had an epiphany - to combine the two and create and launch Tiara Organic’s Bespoke Signature Natural Facials at Tiara Organic. The ground-breaking brand that you will grow to trust uses the most natural ingredients for the best results and with little or no side-effects. Jigna envisages growing not just as an eyebrow stylist but also as a leading brand developer in natural facial treatments.

Jigna’s list of clients has continually increased over the years, earning great respect from clients including:

List 1

  • Emma Watson

  • Perrie Edwards

  • Sarah Griffiths

  • Karishma Kapoor

  • Scarlett Dixon

  • Alexandra Burke

  • Emma Bunton

  • Holly, Simon Cowell’s PA

Dimps Sanghani

“Dimps Sanghani has a creative flair with her eyes and hands that consistently produces picturesque views!” Under her expertise, you know that you are going to receive a top-quality result, not just physically, but emotionally. Dimps brings together the energy of a profound hairstylist and artist, a heartfelt mother, a driven performer, a sharp business partner, and so much more.

Her portfolio is eye catching to say the least, and comprises work on film sets, popular TV shows, editorial shoots, high-profile live events, and, when possible, with brides on their big day. Dimps works in the media with the hosts of daily TV series Zee Companion, B4U Bollywood Scoop, and Zing Jukebox; freelances on a host of internationally broadcasted TV shows; and is a regular columnist in the UK’s most established Asian newspaper, Eastern Eye. Although this has been challenging, it has also been ever so fulfilling.

Dimps has gained many accolades over the years, but in 2015 she was nominated for and awarded the BEFFTA Award for Hairstylist of the Year and the BMA Gold Hairstylist Award. This was very overwhelming and led her to the realisation that she has reached the top of her industry. Her other honours include being the:

List 2

  • 2014 Charles Worthington Mad Hair Competition Winner

  • 2009 Winner of the Barnet College Hairstyling Competition

List 3

  • Nysa Devgan, Ajay Devgan’s Daughter

  • Raj Kumar Rao Yadav

  • Shabana Azmi

  • Lillete Dubey

  • Sonali Kulkarni

  • Meera Syal

  • Meera Syal

  • Armaan Malik and Shirley Setia, Talented Young Singers

  • Rana Daggubati

  • Prithvi Hatte

  • Revanth

  • Robert Kiyosaki

  • Moeen Ali and Ravi Bopara, England Cricketers

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